If you are looking for an electrical safety certificate, then look no further. Property Certificate has many qualified electricians to carry out all types of electrical safety inspection and issue an electrical safety certificate to landlords, homeowners and businesses. 

The electrical installation condition report ( EICR) is the official name of an electrical certificate. 

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How can you get an electrical safety certificate? 

All landlords must have an EICR. To get an electrical certificate, you will need to hire a qualified electricians / engineers. The Electrical certificate you’ll be given after a certified electrical engineer has checked the electrical system. Call team at Property Certificate immediately for a landlord EICR, all engineers are qualified, use latest electrical certification software and ready to carry out inspections. 

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What is an electrical installation condition report?

It is to identify electrical installations, not in compliance with the regulation. To check for any part of the electrics in the property which present a risk or electric shocks. 

Why electrical certificate is so essential for a landlord:

The electrical safety certificate for landlords is a law and it is also necessary to have regular maintenance to ensure the safety of the tenants. A registered, competent person should inspect any electrical system. Any faulty electrical system can cause death or injury.

Do I need a Landlord Electrical Certificate? 

Yes. As a general rule, landlords are required to get this certificate at the start of their tenancy and after every five years. So it is always a good idea to get the electrical Safety Certificate for landlords to ensure the safety of the tenants. The landlords will be considered as negligent if landlords can not provide this report and they may face the damages of ruining their goods. 

Electrical installation condition report cost:

The cost of an electrical certificate depends on the number of the circuits, rooms and size of the electrical installation. Each circuit needs to be tested and investigated. 

Find the cost of the electrical certificate in London and surrounding areas:

Studio from £130 ( Offer: Check and provide a complete certificate from £110)
1 Bedroom house or flat from £ 140 ( Offer: Check and provide a certificate from £115 ).
2 Bedrooms house or flat from £ 155 ( Offer: Check and provide a certificate from £125 ).
3 Bedrooms house or flat from £ 170 ( Offer: Check and provide a certificate from £135 ).
4 Bedrooms house or flat from £ 185 ( Offer: Check and provide a certificate from £145 ).
More than 4 bedrooms, please call our office.

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